Much of the material here comes directly from Silverturtle’s SAT guide. Below is a link to the original thread, including links to some other websites and PDFs with useful prep material.

Silverturtle’s Guide to SAT and Admissions Success

The Xiggi Method

Mystery Tutor SAT PDFs


The Official SAT Study Guide Second Edition is a must buy for the real exams.

Direct Hits Core Vocab and Direct Hits Toughest Vocab are two books with a few hundred SAT words. They are enjoyable to read and we still use many of the words we learned from these books.

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 2nd Ed by Erica Meltzer is very popular because she covers all the things you need to know for SAT grammar. Many students just don’t know what specific things to study since grammar is so broad, so her guide is a good resource.

There are a lot of other resources like Mike Barrett’s SAT Prep Black Book which largely has the same advice as what’s written on this website. No need to buy it unless you want some hard cover thing.

We’ll be publishing some ebooks that you can get later. Email for more info.