This book/website aims to explain what it takes to get admitted to a top US university. The audience is high school students in the United States, but we also discuss international admissions later. We also go over SAT preparation in depth since that’s one thing that’s totally under your control. Half the focus is on how to approach the exam, and the other half is on actual content and material you need to know.

How do I know this works?

Most of this material is from CollegeConfidential. High school students have been going there for years to learn about how to get into top schools. There is no magic formula or secret, but knowledge is power. If you understand what goes into the admissions process, you can do your best to put forth a competitive application. Control what you can and hope for the best!

What should my background be?

We’re aiming this at high school students. The exam preparation material is best for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, while the rest of the college admission material is relevant for everyone. Again, the target group is students aiming for top schools (Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Chicago, etc). However, anyone can benefit from this material no matter what school or scores you are aiming for.

Parents will also benefit from the content here to help their child succeed (+ get some nice scholarships).