Guide to Elite College Admissions & SAT Prep

This website is a guide to elite college admissions, primarily focusing on SAT preparation, but also covering the rest of the application process. The intended audience is high schools students looking to get into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc, but it is beneficial to anyone who wants to boost their SAT score or put together a more compelling college admission package.

Highlights include:

  • How to get your SAT score from the 1800’s to the 2200+ range.
  • How to write a compelling college essay.
  • Understanding what top colleges are looking for, and what you’ll need to do to have a good shot.

All the material is freely available online, though you can purchase a PDF/epub/mobi version here.

Ready to get started? Check out the Introduction.

Where is the material from?

It is primarily based off of information found on the College Confidential forums, large parts from “silverturtle’s SAT prep guide” and the “xiggi method”. A long time ago there was “Mystery Tutor” who had tremendous advice and articles, and that material is incorporated here. The information has been used by many high school students over the years to massively boost their SAT scores and get into elite schools. No attempt is made at attribution but there is Resources section at the end where you can see some of the original sources.

This stuff is especially useful for those talented kids in average high schools who have no clue how to get into a top school.

Why give away this material?

We didn’t create most of this - it’s been around the internet for a while. We’re just organizing the information and making it easily accessible. No need to pay a tutor egregious sums of money when you can get it for free ;)